Tutoring Information

Math and Science Tutoring (MaST) http://www.umkc.edu/asm/mast/

Math and Science Tutoring (MaST) is dedicated to providing individual attention to math and science students at UMKC. MaST is staffed by trained, part-time student tutors who offer free assistance to all UMKC students. Students may work individually or in small groups with tutors. One-on-one appointments of 25 minutes are available, or students may see tutors on a walk-in basis. MaST student tutors also offer online tutoring. Please contact Megan Cross for more information about online tutoring or setting up an appointment.
You can also schedule an appointment by logging into Tutortrac. Tutors are designated as either “On Site Math” or “On Site Science,” so be sure to choose the correct tutor for your needs.

Online Tutoring Whether you are a campus-based student or a web-based student, not everyone can make it to campus and use our tutoring services. UMKC has partnered with NetTutor to offer tutoring online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. NetTutor is currently being piloted in many UMKC courses and with a variety of subjects. You can communicate with live tutors via chat, audio or audio/video connection. Click below to connect to a live tutor or to submit a paper for review. Once you are connected to NetTutor, you can choose the subject matter topic.

Once you click the link, you will be promoted to log in with your SSO and password:
Click here to access NetTutor

Questions about NetTutor?  Having trouble connected? Click here for more information about NetTutor or for troubleshooting.


2 Responses to Tutoring Information

  1. Brenda Fernandez says:

    Hello, I was directed to the tutoring website by one of the life coaches and I’m having problems scheduling a one on one appointment. The site says that the page is not found, even you click on “make an apt”.  Let me knew what steps I need to take. Thank you


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